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A family resumé

I realised that I sometimes write in my blog about random family members but that a few more details of my family lines might be useful in order to connect with family members who are out there.

So here are some details about the families I am related to:

Grave of my grandfather Ernest Rowe, Scotby


This line goes from my grandfather Ernest who lived at Scotby, just outside Carlisle. He was killed on 11 March 1943 when Scotby village hall was bombed. His parents were Jonathan Rowe and Rachel (nee Brown). Jonathan was born in Ainstable to Thomas Rowe and Jane (nee Lawson) and before that the Rowe's lived in Lesmahagow, Glasgow and Lanark. My great great great grandfather John had a shop at 28 Royal Exchange Square in Glasow in the 1870s. In 2014 it was an LK Bennett store. My oldest ancestor in this line is John's father, my great great great great grandad, William Row who married Janet Cook in Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh on 22 September 1806.


This is the biggy and the one I am working on the most at the moment as I am trying to work out a common ancestor to a DNA match in Boston, USA. This line starts with my grandfather Eddie who was from Sheffield. His parents were Frank Elsdon Dickinson and Elsie Gertrude (nee Burrell). Before Sheffield the Dickinsons lived in the Huddersfield area, then Halifax and Penistone before ending up with my great great great great great great great great great grandad, John Dickinson who was having children in the High Flatts area near Penistone in the 1650-70s. He was part of a huge Quaker family. The burial grounds at Quaker Bottom and nearby Lumbroyd are full of Dickinsons. The Quaker records (available on Ancestry and Findmypast) have been great, their identification of parents on even very early marriage records in particular has been really useful.

Quaker Meeting House built by the Dickinsons at Quaker Bottom (yes really) near Penistone. Photo by me.


This line comes from both my grandmothers who were born in East Kilbride. Their parents were Matthew McCabe and Julia (nee Murphy). Matthew was born in East Kilbride in 1881 to James McCabe and Mary (nee Carlie) but his father, James was from Donegal. In turn, his father was called Thomas but I don't know if he was also from Donegal. The research of my Irish family is ongoing.


How unfortunate to have an Irish Murphy surname in the family. As bad as Smith turning up in an English family tree!! My great grandmother was Julia Murphy. She was from Galway, baptised there in 1891. By 1901 she was in Scotland. Her parents were Thomas Murphy and Maria (nee Collins). I have traced the line to my great great grandfather Richard Murphy but am not sure where in Ireland he was from.


This family have been very interesting to research and resulted in some interesting characters such as my Keystone Cop ancestor. They come from my great grandmother Elsie Gertrude Burrell from Sheffield. Elsie's parents were John William Burrell and Sarah (nee Pease). They were in Sheffield for many years but before that they were from Haxey in Lincolnshire. This line goes back to my great great great great great grandfather Thomas Burrell whose son was baptised in Snelland church in 1798 which isn't far from where I live now.

Other family names: Pease, Quantock, Brough, Crosland, Mulliner, Marsden, Thornton and many others.

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