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Lady Under Fire on the Western Front

Lady Under Fire on the Western Front: The Great War Letters of Lady Dorothie Feilding MM is the title of our book.  It is was published by Pen and Sword Books Ltd on 21st October 2010.


Dorothie Feilding drove ambulances in Belgium during the First World War.  During that time she wrote home to Newnham Paddox, near Rugby, almost daily.  Her letters reflect the mundane, tragedy and horror of war and also the tensions of being a woman at the front contending with shells, gossip, funding, lice, car maintenance and inconvenient marriage proposals. 


We discovered these remarkable letters and photographs, of which there are around 400, in the Warwickshire County Record Office where they had been deposited by the Feilding family. 


We should take this opportunity to thank the trustees of Lady Dorothie for allowing us to publish her letters and photographs.

Chris Baker

Long Long Trail.

This is not simply the tale of an ambulance driver, it is a view into real courage and humanity. A great book.

Lifestyle Books

Reflecting on front line life, Dorothie dodges shells and sexist officers,heals the stick and comforts the dying all the while batting off fleas and unwelcome marriage proposals. What a girl! This is crying out for the big silver screen treatment.

Western Front Association

A useful addition to the relatively small collection of Great War works about those dedicated to easing the lot of the soldier on the Western Front

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