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Family History Research

I would love to research your family tree for you.


I have access to all the usual genealogical sources: census, birth marriage and death, online parish registers, First World War military records, immigration records, local newspapers.  I also have a lot of books and sources available in my personal collection.  I will order copies of birth, marriage and death certificates where necessary.  I will not be doing all the research from my desk though, I will visit local archives, libraries, cemeteries or churchyards. 

You can choose one of my Family History Packages or, if you feel that these do not meet your requirements then we can work out a bespoke package at £20 per hour.  


I will keep you updated as the research goes on.  At the end of the project I will provide you with a written report in pdf format.  A professionally bound copy can also be provided on request.  A printed family tree can be provided, depending on the size of the tree this may be an extra cost.  


To get started what I need from you is everything you already know about your family.  If you have birth/marriage/death certificates then I will need copies of these.  If you live within 20 miles or so of Lincoln then we can get together, socially distanced, and talk through your requirements and I can take photographs of your documents.  What is also useful to know are details of any family stories that you might want me to look into.

Contact me now to see how I can unlock your family tree.




Example of reports
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