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Work in progress - a genealogist's work is never done

I bought this photo in a charity shop in Lincoln. I love these old wedding photos but they usually make me sad because they are so often unlabelled and there is no way of finding out what happened to the beautifully dressd bride and groom. However I was supremely lucky with this one as written on the back is "August 25th 1907 - Adolf & Miriam". With unusual names like that and a date I couldn't resist.

This is a photo taken at the wedding of Carl (Charles) Adolph Oscar Kuhnappel and Miriam Elizabeth Jane Twiddy which took place at St Andrews Islington on 25 Aug 1907. He was a hairdresser and had a salon... MAISON ADOLPH KUHNAPPEL in North Finchley right up to 1930 or so. Assume he might have dropped the Adolph once war broke out! He was born in Berlin in 1871 so even though he only looks about 12 in this pic he is actually about 36. She was born in London in 1877. I wonder what happened to them in WWI? Perhaps he was interned on the Isle of Man. I need to keep digging at this one. I haven't found any record of children (yet). Adolph died on 10 March 1945 and Miriam died in 1961

There is definitely more to find on this lovely pair.

One of the things I have come to accept as a genealogist is that with new things appearing all the time the research is never really finished. So I will continue to chip away at this one when I have the time.

In the mean time if anyone knows anything about the lovely Kuhnappels, do get in touch.

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